Turquoise Pueblo

We stock authentic Native American jewelry from tribes including Zuni, Navajo and Cherokee. The Turquoise Pueblo in Oak Glen carries Native American Sterling Silver Mens Rings, Womens Rings, Earrings, Pendants and Watch Bands.  In addition to our Native American retail shop we have an online store.  To buy Native American Jewelry click for our online store.


We have Native American Jewelry for sale with semi-precious stones.  Our assortment of Southwestern Jewelry are inlayed and bezeled with Turquoise, Black Onyx and Red Coral.  Along with Native American Jewelry we stock Zuni Fetishes, Pottery and Native American Artifacts.


At our retail store, we carry Native American Arts & Crafts from various Tribes.  We have headresses, pictures and Native American Masks.


To contact The Turquoise Pueblo

call (909) 797-7773,

or visit their website at  http://www.turquoisepueblo.com/

Turquoise Pueblo

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38480 Oak Glen Road

Oak Glen, California 92399

Oak Tree Village
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(909) 797-2311

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